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The Collins-McNeil Group is a strategic communications and impact consultancy that builds cultural competency and credibility, maximizes your message and makes your social responsibility initiatives more resonant and impactful.


Strategic Services

  • Public Engagement and Social Impact Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership Management

  • Message Development

  • Integrated Communications and Social Content Strategy

  • Executive and Principal Positioning

  • Digital and Event Based Fundraising 



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Case Studies


Black Futures Lab

In 2019, the Black Futures Lab launched the Black Census Project, the first in a series of imprints analyzing an online and direct outreach survey of 30,000 of the most politically engaged Black people in the U.S.


We developed a paid ad and earned media strategy, influencer and stakeholder strategy, developed national partnerships and interactive installations, provided day-to-day ongoing communications support to the Black Futures Lab team to guide the way the Black Census is framed, discussed and understood in political debate.

Beyond KIngs and Queens: Gender and Politics in the 2019 Black Census
When the Rainbow is Not Enough: LBG+ Voices in the 2019 Black Census
More Black than Blue: Politics and Power in the 2019 Black Cencus

A Case Study in Post-George Floyd Political Organizing

In the wake of national unrest resulting in police violence and misconduct, nearly 1,500 former and current New York City Mayor’s Office staff penned an open letter to Mayor de Blasio calling on him to enact immediate and radical police reforms. 


CMG served as an organizing and public relations partner leading message development, speechwriting, press and in- person event coordination. 


CMG also led the fundraising effort to support two New York based police reform organizations, the Brooklyn Movement Center and Communities United for Police Reform with direct 5-figure cash grants.


CMG secured and managed over four dozen national and local media outlets including: New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone Magazine, Politico, NBC 4, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Gothamist, 1010 Wins, The Atlantic and more.


Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Rep. John Lewis

CMG co-organized a vigil honoring the life and legacy of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).  We convened New York City’s city, state and federal elected officials, community members, national legacy and contemporary social and racial justice organizations and their leadership.


CMG served as an organizing and public relations partner leading strategic communications, stakeholder and partnership management and in- person event production.


Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

As the NY state legislature considered repealing the tipped-wage credit, a vital incentive that keeps many restaurants in NY afloat, Black and Brown business owners stood to lose the most.


We developed a multi-channel, public education and advocacy campaign led by a coalition of Black and brown restaurateurs, specifically focused on building collective power to maintain ownership of their businesses and keep the tipped-wage credit.


We developed the engagement, content, op-ed and organizing strategies for the campaign. Additionally, we sourced and managed the creative support and provided on-site event production for three press conferences and  two rallies.

N.Y. Decides to keep restaurants' tip credit

SheaMoisture 2020 Impact Report

Last year, SheaMoisture announced, under its long-established Community Commerce business model, a $1Million Fund to support entrepreneurs of color and small businesses.

Now, SheaMoisture is developing a 2020 Impact Report. This report will not just highlight the quantitative and qualitative impact of the investment fund, but will double as a storytelling mechanism for the brand and for the consumer’s experience last year as a whole.


CMG served as the creative operations lead for the digital storytelling and data analytics agencies developing the 2020 Impact Report from search, pitch to execution. We managed the finalization of scopes of work and agency retainers and served as the integration consultancy between the brand’s consumer insights, community commerce, creative, engagement, events and innovation teams.

How do we set ourselves apart
The art of impact
In a space where most come off disingenious, there is shea moisture.

SheaMoisture Social Justice Coalition

In response to national political unrest resulting from the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, SheaMoisture sought to respond to the urgent needs of its consumers to meet a complex cultural moment. 


The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is a $100,000 investment fund, advocacy campaign and mentorship program aimed to support Black- led community activism and social entrepreneurship.


CMG led the design and formation of the Social Justice Coalition and its Advisory Council. We provided stakeholder management and partnership development, message development, program design, content strategy, digital marketing and ongoing strategic advice to amplify the SJC.

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Trailblazers: A Small Business Fellowship Program for SheaMoisture Men

SheaMoisture Men partnered with The Gathering Spot (TGS) to establish Trailblazers: A Small Business Fellowship Program. Over six months, through dedicated programming and intentional connections, business owners will gain important knowledge and meet the right people to catapult their company to the next level.

CMG worked with The Gathering Spot to develop and launch Trailblazers. CMG provided social content strategy, message development  and ongoing strategic support to TGS and SheaMoisture Men.


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